Fitness Training Guide to Lose Weight

losing weight

Personal Trainer Tips on Losing Weight
Have you been thinking for quite some time of shedding those extra pounds but don’t know how to do it? Regular workouts seem too tough and you’re not sure if you can keep up? Not feeling motivated enough to follow a healthy diet? Relax! There are hundreds like you who could benefit from a few tips on how to lose weight successfully and sustain it too. A personal trainer can help you initially but once you make it a habit, it is really so easy to stay fit and trim for life.
Start with a Goal

In order to achieve anything worthwhile you must start with a goal. Understand your present physical condition and determine how much weight you need to lose to have a healthy body mass index. Consult a personal trainer on long that should take. Goals should not be unrealistic as this can lead to disappointments. Set your goals only after you are confident of how much you can achieve realistically.

Keep a Journal

Maintain on journal on your regular progress. Start with noting down your goals and read it often to stay committed. Jot down your weekly achievements and disappointments so that you can know exactly how well you are doing. This will help you stay disciplined and motivated which is so important as you cannot lose weight overnight.

Interact with Like-minded People

It will help to interact with friends or family members who share your passion for fitness or a common fitness goal. You can invite them to join you or maybe you can join them too if any of them is already working out under a personal trainer. You can share tips and anecdotes on personal experiences, disappointments, success and so much more. This will make your weight loss program so much fun and easier to continue with.

Shop for the Week

Eating right and following the diet plan suggested by your personal trainer is crucial to the success of your weight loss efforts. To avoid excuses for skipping diet meals, plan ahead for the entire week and shop for all ingredients on a particular day. Stock up everything you need for all your meals so that you don’t have to rush out for a particular ingredient.

Practice Portion Control

This is an extremely effective tip that really adds an extra edge to your weight loss efforts. Your personal trainer is the best person to advice on the portions that’s just right to maintain your optimum health. In general, make it a habit to take smaller portions during meals till you understand just how much you need. Use smaller plates and bowls which look fuller even with smaller quantities on them. You can even indulge intermittently if you practice portion control wisely.

Drink Plenty of Water

Water flushes out toxins that accumulate in your body over the years and add to your bulk. It also fills your stomach so that you eat less. Always drink a large glass of water before meals and you will definitely consume in smaller quantities. Drink fresh fruit juices prepared at home without adding sugar. Cut out on alcohol, soda, processed juices and soft drinks.