Stronger Immune System With Kettlebell Training

How Kettlebell Fitness Training can help you build a Stronger Immune System

When you join a fitness course you do your body a huge favour. Most people have this idea that the objective of kettlebell training is to make you lose weight and become slimmer. However the truth is that kettlebell certifications is so much more than that. Apart from helping you burn calories at super fast rate boot camps also boost your general health by giving your immune system a positive kick. Visit for more.

Sleep better and strengthen your immunity

When you do rigorous military styled interval training workouts during your online fitness course you sleep like a log at night. All your sleeping disorders disappear because your muscles are exhausted and your brain commands your body to go to sleep. Having a good night’s sleep is essential in order to boost the action of your immune system. A restful night of sleep will help repair the worn out cells and strengthen the lines of dekettlebell-turkish-getupfence of the body. A sturdy immune system helps you fight off a lot of infections and speed up your recovery.


Follow a structured diet

Online fitness courses are not only about heavy duty workouts. The kettlebell training life encourages a holistic view towards fitness. People who join these camps are given a complete nutrition plan by the dieticians on board. The meal plans stress on the importance of consuming healthy foods like fresh fruits, nuts and vegetables. These food groups contain powerful antioxidants, minerals and vitamins which promote the formation of red blood cells and white blood corpuscles. White blood cells are the warriors of the immune system and they help prevent the occurrence of diseases.

Save on medical bills

Personal trainers say that participants who do their workouts sincerely save a lot on their medical bills. This is because exercise strengthens their body to such an extent that they rarely require medical attention. Exercise prevents the onset of cholesterol, blood pressure, high blood sugar and heart problems. You will be pleasantly surprised at how fit and active you start feeling after just a few months of vigorous exercise.

Keep your immune system busy

When you are engaged in intense workouts especially strength training then you constantly create miniscule muscle tears in each strong weight lifting session. Experts working at say that these muscle tears actually require the intervention of the immune system to regenerate and repair them. So bootcamp life actually keeps the immune system busy in creating new muscle cells for the body. When the lean muscle quotient of your body increases you burn off calories even when you are sitting down.

Regenerate your immune system

Exercise in the kettlebell course promotes cytokinesis or the process of cell division. You will find your body healing itself faster and the process of repair and recovery will speed up. There are a lot of benefits to this and you will age slowly and more gracefully. Your immune system will promote the anti ageing capacity of your skin as it fights against the action of free radicals.

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Train With Kettlebells If You Want To Lose Weight in 8 Weeks

8 weeks to a slimmer you, is a tempting statement and can be achieved with dedication and only dedication. The first thing which comes into mind when talking about slimming is diet; and of course diet means leaving what you love to eat the most.

But this is not the right way to drop pounds. Letting go of your favorite food will make you unhappy and frustration will make way into your workout life which is not good. Instead, I recommend kettlebell training. Working out with kettlebells is proven to burn up to 9 times more fat than traditional cardio training plus you’ll also pack on some lean muscle too!

Understand the principle
The basic principle behind losing weight is to restrict your diet to the necessary and start a regular workout. This doesn’t mean that you have to leave what you eat or just depend on herbs for your living. Dieting is eating the right food, in the right proportion and at the right time. Right food is freshly prepared, home cooked and non processed food. Today’s lifestyle is processed foods. Cheap restaurants and drive-thru’s have contributed a lot to this factor.

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Let’s look into a week by week breakdown into how you can ultimately drop your weight in eight weeks with these health tips:

Week 1
Rule: Eliminate junk food. Junk foods require a lot more time to digest than fresh and healthy food or say clean food. These junk foods transform into saturated fats which are the ones we donot like to bargain with.

For the first week take the challenge to eliminate junk food from your diet. Eat timely, regularly and normally. Focus on drinking a lot of water. The catch for the first week is you can take two cheat days. Wow! What are these? Cheat days are the ones which give you freedom to eat anything you want.

Week 2
Rule: Divide your meals. Instead of having three or four big meals a day try to divide it into six or seven equal small portions. This will boost your metabolism and help you to digest faster than normal. Two cheat days still but the Week 1 rule remains standing, no junk foods. Kettlebell training will also supercharge your metabolism, so be sure to perform 3-4 kettlebell workouts per week.Go to and dowload some of their awesome kettlebell workouts.

Week 3
Rule: Choose the right carbs and protein. Avoid processed sugar, use honey instead and try to consume whole grain foods like whole grain rice and breads.

Week 4
Rule: Cook at home. Prepare all your meals, yeah, all of them, this will bring you closer to your own body and you will know what you are eating. Just one cheat day.

Week 5
Rule: Is fat essential? Yeah! Healthy fats from fish, meat, fruits, nuts etc. and from natural resources is essential for your body.

Week 6
Rule: Protein diet. Protein is very essential in repairing any broken muscle or tissue caused by a hard workout. Include protein in every meal because your body can utilize only a certain amount of protein at a given time. So, keep protein included in every diet. Cheat days: one.

Week 7
Rule: Reward yourself. Get free of all the previous weeks diet plans. Be yourself, go out and eat whatever and however you like, just like the olden days. Give you body the freedom to eat healthy and as desired. The cheat week, reward yourself.

Week 8
Rule: Eat the perfect diet. Only your body can tell you what you should eat and what not. If you feel that you are not progressing then you probably have not found the right balance between your diet and your workout. If you feel energized throughout the day then you have perfectly balanced the bridge between food and exercise.

Understand the effects whether they have been good for you or bad and adjust accordingly. Now on give yourself one reward day per week to get going the extra mile. Fuel yourself the right way for the long run and start training with kettlebells. Not sure how to use kettlebells? Check ou the Functional Fitness Courses website. Happy losing!