Foods that your Personal Trainer Won’t Eat

It is the job of personal trainers to ensure that you are fit. And it won’t be wrong to say that they are fitness freaks themselves. So here are some foodstuffs that your personal trainer, wouldn’t even touch at any cost.

Foods that are high on cholesterol, trans fat and even those foods that claim to be sugar free, but are loaded with calories, are avoided by all the personal trainers in . Ready to eat meals, instant noodles and anything that is fried is a big no no for them. They go in for roasted snacks instead.

Besides this, they also try to avoid bread, even the whole wheat variety as much as they can. It is believed that whole wheat bread has equal number of calories as the white bread. It is considered to be healthy, as it has a lot of fiber in it.

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So if you want to cut down your calories, you should certainly give up on bread. Red meats are taboo for personal trainers. Red meats add up on a number of unnecessary calories, and are not good for your health too. Grilled fish is always a better option.

If you are having salad, never opt for dressing, even if it is the low fat variety. Personal trainers always opt for salads sprinkled with extra virgin olive oil with some nuts. This makes the salad very sumptuous, and also gives you the necessary calories.

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When it comes to drinks, aerated drinks of course are avoided by the personal trainers. There is no drink in the world that has zero calories except for good old water of course. So never be lured in to the trap of thinking that so and so drink has zero calories. It is not possible.

Alcohol also should be strictly avoided. Personal trainers never go on a drinking binge. They always opt for wine or light beer, as it has fewer calories. Personal trainers also prefer fresh lime juice, as compared to packaged juices. It has fewer calories, it is healthy and of course it is cheap.

Tea and coffee are again avoided by personal trainers. Green tea or herbal tea is always a better and a healthier choice, and they always opt for it. So these are some foodstuffs that the personal trainers absolutely shun, and you should take a hint and start avoiding them too.