Fitness Training Guide to Lose Weight

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Personal Trainer Tips on Losing Weight
Have you been thinking for quite some time of shedding those extra pounds but don’t know how to do it? Regular workouts seem too tough and you’re not sure if you can keep up? Not feeling motivated enough to follow a healthy diet? Relax! There are hundreds like you who could benefit from a few tips on how to lose weight successfully and sustain it too. A personal trainer can help you initially but once you make it a habit, it is really so easy to stay fit and trim for life.
Start with a Goal

In order to achieve anything worthwhile you must start with a goal. Understand your present physical condition and determine how much weight you need to lose to have a healthy body mass index. Consult a personal trainer on long that should take. Goals should not be unrealistic as this can lead to disappointments. Set your goals only after you are confident of how much you can achieve realistically.

Keep a Journal

Maintain on journal on your regular progress. Start with noting down your goals and read it often to stay committed. Jot down your weekly achievements and disappointments so that you can know exactly how well you are doing. This will help you stay disciplined and motivated which is so important as you cannot lose weight overnight.

Interact with Like-minded People

It will help to interact with friends or family members who share your passion for fitness or a common fitness goal. You can invite them to join you or maybe you can join them too if any of them is already working out under a personal trainer. You can share tips and anecdotes on personal experiences, disappointments, success and so much more. This will make your weight loss program so much fun and easier to continue with.

Shop for the Week

Eating right and following the diet plan suggested by your personal trainer is crucial to the success of your weight loss efforts. To avoid excuses for skipping diet meals, plan ahead for the entire week and shop for all ingredients on a particular day. Stock up everything you need for all your meals so that you don’t have to rush out for a particular ingredient.

Practice Portion Control

This is an extremely effective tip that really adds an extra edge to your weight loss efforts. Your personal trainer is the best person to advice on the portions that’s just right to maintain your optimum health. In general, make it a habit to take smaller portions during meals till you understand just how much you need. Use smaller plates and bowls which look fuller even with smaller quantities on them. You can even indulge intermittently if you practice portion control wisely.

Drink Plenty of Water

Water flushes out toxins that accumulate in your body over the years and add to your bulk. It also fills your stomach so that you eat less. Always drink a large glass of water before meals and you will definitely consume in smaller quantities. Drink fresh fruit juices prepared at home without adding sugar. Cut out on alcohol, soda, processed juices and soft drinks.

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Train With Kettlebells If You Want To Lose Weight in 8 Weeks

8 weeks to a slimmer you, is a tempting statement and can be achieved with dedication and only dedication. The first thing which comes into mind when talking about slimming is diet; and of course diet means leaving what you love to eat the most.

But this is not the right way to drop pounds. Letting go of your favorite food will make you unhappy and frustration will make way into your workout life which is not good. Instead, I recommend kettlebell training. Working out with kettlebells is proven to burn up to 9 times more fat than traditional cardio training plus you’ll also pack on some lean muscle too!

Understand the principle
The basic principle behind losing weight is to restrict your diet to the necessary and start a regular workout. This doesn’t mean that you have to leave what you eat or just depend on herbs for your living. Dieting is eating the right food, in the right proportion and at the right time. Right food is freshly prepared, home cooked and non processed food. Today’s lifestyle is processed foods. Cheap restaurants and drive-thru’s have contributed a lot to this factor.

kettlebell courses

Let’s look into a week by week breakdown into how you can ultimately drop your weight in eight weeks with these health tips:

Week 1
Rule: Eliminate junk food. Junk foods require a lot more time to digest than fresh and healthy food or say clean food. These junk foods transform into saturated fats which are the ones we donot like to bargain with.

For the first week take the challenge to eliminate junk food from your diet. Eat timely, regularly and normally. Focus on drinking a lot of water. The catch for the first week is you can take two cheat days. Wow! What are these? Cheat days are the ones which give you freedom to eat anything you want.

Week 2
Rule: Divide your meals. Instead of having three or four big meals a day try to divide it into six or seven equal small portions. This will boost your metabolism and help you to digest faster than normal. Two cheat days still but the Week 1 rule remains standing, no junk foods. Kettlebell training will also supercharge your metabolism, so be sure to perform 3-4 kettlebell workouts per week.Go to and dowload some of their awesome kettlebell workouts.

Week 3
Rule: Choose the right carbs and protein. Avoid processed sugar, use honey instead and try to consume whole grain foods like whole grain rice and breads.

Week 4
Rule: Cook at home. Prepare all your meals, yeah, all of them, this will bring you closer to your own body and you will know what you are eating. Just one cheat day.

Week 5
Rule: Is fat essential? Yeah! Healthy fats from fish, meat, fruits, nuts etc. and from natural resources is essential for your body.

Week 6
Rule: Protein diet. Protein is very essential in repairing any broken muscle or tissue caused by a hard workout. Include protein in every meal because your body can utilize only a certain amount of protein at a given time. So, keep protein included in every diet. Cheat days: one.

Week 7
Rule: Reward yourself. Get free of all the previous weeks diet plans. Be yourself, go out and eat whatever and however you like, just like the olden days. Give you body the freedom to eat healthy and as desired. The cheat week, reward yourself.

Week 8
Rule: Eat the perfect diet. Only your body can tell you what you should eat and what not. If you feel that you are not progressing then you probably have not found the right balance between your diet and your workout. If you feel energized throughout the day then you have perfectly balanced the bridge between food and exercise.

Understand the effects whether they have been good for you or bad and adjust accordingly. Now on give yourself one reward day per week to get going the extra mile. Fuel yourself the right way for the long run and start training with kettlebells. Not sure how to use kettlebells? Check ou the Functional Fitness Courses website. Happy losing!

Foods that your Personal Trainer Won’t Eat

It is the job of personal trainers to ensure that you are fit. And it won’t be wrong to say that they are fitness freaks themselves. So here are some foodstuffs that your personal trainer, wouldn’t even touch at any cost.

Foods that are high on cholesterol, trans fat and even those foods that claim to be sugar free, but are loaded with calories, are avoided by all the personal trainers in . Ready to eat meals, instant noodles and anything that is fried is a big no no for them. They go in for roasted snacks instead.

Besides this, they also try to avoid bread, even the whole wheat variety as much as they can. It is believed that whole wheat bread has equal number of calories as the white bread. It is considered to be healthy, as it has a lot of fiber in it.

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So if you want to cut down your calories, you should certainly give up on bread. Red meats are taboo for personal trainers. Red meats add up on a number of unnecessary calories, and are not good for your health too. Grilled fish is always a better option.

If you are having salad, never opt for dressing, even if it is the low fat variety. Personal trainers always opt for salads sprinkled with extra virgin olive oil with some nuts. This makes the salad very sumptuous, and also gives you the necessary calories.

Visit the Personal Trainers Training Website for some fantastic recipe ideas.

When it comes to drinks, aerated drinks of course are avoided by the personal trainers. There is no drink in the world that has zero calories except for good old water of course. So never be lured in to the trap of thinking that so and so drink has zero calories. It is not possible.

Alcohol also should be strictly avoided. Personal trainers never go on a drinking binge. They always opt for wine or light beer, as it has fewer calories. Personal trainers also prefer fresh lime juice, as compared to packaged juices. It has fewer calories, it is healthy and of course it is cheap.

Tea and coffee are again avoided by personal trainers. Green tea or herbal tea is always a better and a healthier choice, and they always opt for it. So these are some foodstuffs that the personal trainers absolutely shun, and you should take a hint and start avoiding them too.


Fitness Training Courses: Five Fitness Rules that Can be Ignored

Exercising is the need of the hour in today’s generation. Erratic work hours, busy lifestyles, hectic schedules and eating anything and everything when hungry is almost a trend in most corporate workaholics. So, if you want to change the way you look and feel healthy, then there no better solution than exercising daily. It is best to hire a personal trainer from, so that you have a focused plan of action to become healthy and fitter faster.

However, since you are new to exercising and do not have much experience about the do and don’ts, it is possible that you could end up doing all unnecessary things. Your Personal trainer who has followed proper fitness training courses will tell you that there are five fitness rules that can be ignored.

Fitness Rules

Don’t eat before morning workouts

Your stomach is empty after eight hours of sleep and needs fuel to sustain a vigorous workout. If you do not eat anything, then it will be detrimental to your exercise regime. Your body will feel weak and you will not be able to enjoy doing your daily exercises. Before you begin your workout, eat food that is rich in carbs and proteins. In this way, you will be able to burn your calories in a healthy way. Don’t abuse your stomach with unfounded rules.

Follow only one type of exercise

If you stick to only one type of exercise, then your body becomes conditioned to it. While the exercise regime was doing wonders in the first few weeks, will slowly stop being effective as your body is getting used to it. You need to push your limits as body resists weight loss after a point. With the advice of your fitness coach who did his fitness course for personal trainers in Malta, move to the next level of exercising. It could be squats or muscle building, but just ensure that you are doing something new or adding a new element to your exercises every few weeks.

Don’t exercise during the evening/night

If this was to be believed, then for those who have to go to work early in the morning or are not morning persons, would not be able to exercise every. It can’t be discounted that working out will increase your energy levels; it does not mean your body will become hyper active. It also does not mean that you will not be able to sleep at night. On the contrary, working out or going for a long run will de-stress you and is considered to be a great way to unwind after stressful day.

Not moving a muscle on rest day

Rest day or cheat day are often days, when you get rid of your disciplinary lifestyle and spend the day the way you want to. However, it does not mean you are supposed to sit on the couch and not make any movement that resembles a workout. You can always go for a stroll or do light meditation to keep you active. Rest day is not about resting your body but more about letting yourself be.

Be sore after a workout

Now, this is one rule that you should pay no heed to! If you are not getting the required result, then change your exercises or add an extra element, but pushing your body to the level of soreness would only backfire.